#JulyWritingRomp – Day 25 – Perfection – meh

One of the most difficult things for me personally, as a writer, is dealing with that annoying voice inside that demands I write everything perfectly out of the gate. Especially in the midst of exercises like the July Writing Romp or NaNoWriMo.  My internal dialogue will run something like this:

Me: This story is going so well.  I’ll have my first draft done in no time.

Evil Me: What? You misspelled ‘catraloump’.

Me: No I didn’t, I made the word up!  How can I misspell a made up word?

Evil Me: You are failing miserably because you can’t even spell your made up words correctly…. Wait, what are you doing?

(I reach for the chocolate truffles and whatever else will drive the stupid Evil Me away.)

Me: Oh nothing. (yum, nom, nom, nom) I can’t hear you on this endorphine high. 

Evil Me (fainter and fainter): N-o-o-o-o-o!  You must have perfect grammar and spelling!

Me (smacking my lips at the divine delight of chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper, and giving a discreet burp): I can’t hear you!  Truffles are the food of the gods!!!

Look, when you are getting the first, second and third drafts down that is the time to put away the cranky editor and let the story flow.  I don’t know of any writer who can take their first draft of anything to print.

I learned a while back to give myself permission to make mistakes, indulge in my unfortunate addiction to commas.  The freer my mind the better storyteller I am.

Save the penchant for perfectionism after the story is out.  Then you can edit to your heart’s content.

(and if you make up a word or two, spell with abandon, who else will know?)


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