#JulyWritingRomp – Day 22 The Road to Success

The writing process is fraught with ups and downs.  The road to success is strewn with bumps, lumps and pot holes. As the person creating our individual visions, we often have to have the hide of a rhinoceros to deflect the well meaning help of people who do not understand the writing process.

Jennifer Hillier posted on the Guide to Literary Agent blog a great guest post about how people perceive the publishing industry.

Family members who’ve never tried to get a book published will likely not understand the magnitude of what you’re going through. They will try to be helpful by suggesting you head over to your local Barnes & Noble so you can show the manager your manuscript, which he’ll be sure to love. They will somberly tell you that your Uncle Bill is selling copies of his memoir, photocopied at Kinkos, out of the trunk of his car for $45 and “not doing very well with it—are you sure that’s the path you want to take?” They will question why you need a query letter at all. Why not just put on your best pantsuit and go over to Simon & Schuster, armed with copies of your spiral-bound manuscript and a box of donuts? It works for sales reps!

What people seldom understand is how much heart and soul we put into our projects. If we make it look effortless, well bully for us.  The sad reality is that it takes time, patience, and dedication to get our projects to a point where we feel confident to show the world.  Then the real fun begins.

The key is to know why you write.  I write because it is what makes me happy and fulfilled.  I’m willing to put in the time to make my writing goals come true.

Writing, finishing, and selling a novel is not for the feint of heart.


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