#JulyWritingRomp – Day 19 – If I wasn’t…

already crazy, writing certainly has pushed me over the edge.  Just thought you should know, as you are reading my blog ‘n all.

I’m sitting in my currently lunch time hidey hole at work, digesting a poorly executed egg salad sandwich, avoiding the trappings of my daytime employment for an entire 59 minutes.

It’s either hide or stab someone with a mechanical pencil.  The last choice involved assault charges and possible jail time.  So, option one it is!

I’m surrounded by people demanding things of me at every turn.  Lunch is MY time and I will not let it go easily.  This is when I take those fragments of thoughts that surface in the middle of meetings and give them form.  I work on the various projects I have.  I even go so far as to plot world domination – if I have the time.

Why am I telling you all of this?  To prove I’m in need of psychiatric help? No, to show you achieving your goals and dreams often make you feel like you are on the verge of a breakdown.  It often seems like everything is converging to make your life miserable.


Whether you are published or not (with the end game to be published), striving after your goals and balancing the rest of your life is something that can be down without jail time or straight jackets.

Don’t let your dreams become the end all a be all of your existence.  Life is an incredibly complex thing.  Why do you write in the first place?

Me? I write because I have things to say, stories to tell and bad poetry to inflict on the world at large.  It helps me clear the clutter in my head.  Am I working to be published? ABSOLUTELY! I’m patiently impatient.  I have a life to live while I’m waiting to hear from the agents I have queried.

So, I keeping on living my life, pursuing my professional and personal goals.  I continue working on my various projects.  I DO NOT STOP.

If I look like a crazy person in the mean time  – you were warned.


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