#JulyWritingRomp – Distractions

Alrighty, my chick-a-dees.  I live in a world where I can sit down at my computer and write with abandon without a single distraction.

AND, if you truly believe that there are several pieces of real estate I’d like to sell you, of the beach front variety, in the lovely state of Nevada.

I was talking to a colleague at work and he was talking about how it had always been a dream to ‘write’.  He had ideas, but not the time.

I had to get tough with him.  As writers we have no excuse.  If we want to write, we find a way.  Even if it’s 5 minutes a day – it’s 5 minutes dedicated to something important to us.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Angry Birds, my adorable nieces and nephews, the new Harry Potter movie, and my terrible addiction to the SYFY channel.  In order to make my goals, I choose what is important.

The world is filled with distractions – the simple truth is we have to decide what is important to us.  If it is writing, we will find the time to write.


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