#JulyWritingRomp – No Passion, No Story

The QueryTracker.net blog (which is fabulous and a must read) had a great post recently, Are you Passionate about your Stories?‘.  The post starts out with the following salvo:

There are two ways to write a book. One, you can think about the kind of story you would love to read and then write it, or two, you can try to figure out what you think the public  wants, and write that. 

I’ve seen people do both.  Personally?  Writing what I love is what turns me on, gets my juices flowing and gives me passion.  I can’t speak to the other method.

Whichever method you chose, you’d better love it, hate it, breathe it and die for it.  If you are not willing to have that kind of relationship with your story, it will come through and all you will have are word strung together.

I knew a woman who wrote exquisite prose.  However, her writing was as a student to a master.  No depth, no life, no spark.  It was a still life.  A student’s reproduction of Manet, Degas, Van Gogh.  I’m still learning, I make plenty of grammatical mistakes, but the story shines through.  You know what my characters are feeling, seeing, doing.

I’m willing to risk it all to tell my story.  Perfection be damned.

What will you do to tell your story?


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