#JulyWritingRomp – Day 10 – What the Plot?

A plot is not just a defined space of ground or, heaven help me, something math related (apologies to all those who worship at the alters of mathematics).

A plot, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is the main events of a play novel, movie, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence.

Okay, the definition is fairly straight forward.  But the actual creation of a plot can be complicated because the actual stories we ate creating are never simple.

There is a beginning, a middle, and an end to a plot.  That part is often easy to define.  But to a good storyteller, it is the spaces between those points that can bring the complications.

What are your plotting challenges?



  • While the major event of a story define it, I think that it’s the in between that carry it through. The descriptions, character development, and setting are often what make readers continue reading and wanting to discover a book. It’s the process of bringing the character to life through your own eyes and having the character discover himself or herself that makes it all memorable. How do you create something that seems authentically formed by reader as he or she reads rather than the writers?

  • Thanks for stopping by! I tend to take my writing lessons from my favorite authors. I love dynamic authors. The ones who make the storytelling energized and effortless at the same time. In my own writing, I find it challenging to make sure that I am showing not telling my reader the story. When I tell the reader the story, I’m not being fair to my characters or to my reader. I’m still in the process of becoming a better storyteller. I think the best advice I can give is never stop and find people you can trust to help you tell a better story.

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