#JulyWritingRomp – It’s Personal

Writing is an extremely personal experience.  No two author’s have the same methods or the same reasons why they write.  However, they do employ the following:

  1. Discipline – A successful writer, whether they are beginning or seasoned, always is writing.  They never stop.
  2. Humility – They listen to input.  It might not be what they want to hear, but it might be the right thing for the story.  Sometimes, the thing we are truly attached to is what is holding us back.
  3. Determination – Please don’t confuse this with Discipline. Writing is not for the faint of heart.  You keep doing it because the voices in your head say to, because there is one more word to type/write/spew.  You write because it is vital to your very existence.
  4. Ego – Yes, this might sound in direct contradiction to Humility, but its not. We have to have confidence in Who we ARE, What we DO and in our Product.  If we didn’t believe in ourselves, we would never be able to create.
  5. Crazy – At the end of the process or at the beginning (or any point in between), chances are you might feel fairly insane. A wise friend once counseled me – one person’s crazy was another’s normal.  If my normal makes other people stop and think?  All the better.
A writer leads a life that is chaotic.  We work to put food on the table & kibble in the dog’s bowl. We manage to get kids to after school activities (if we have them) and maintain any other social obligations we might have.  In between it all, we scribble on napkins, tap at our keyboards in corners, in lines at the grocery stores, on smart phones, any moment we can get to put our stories together.  Real life doesn’t let many of us have large blocks of time, so we utilize, economize and optimize what time we can find to write.
I am a Writer.

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