#JulyWritingRomp – Where to Start?

In 1982, the band Hot Chocolate said, “It Started with a Kiss“, I guess it depends on what you want to start.

Some stories can start with a kiss, but the kiss had to come from an idea.  Something had to strike the spark. (yes, you can groan)

Everything we write starts with an idea.

There is no Idea fairy that comes and drops ideas blithely hither and yon for us to stumble upon.  Please.

As writers, we need to keep ourselves at the ready to capture the various ideas that flow around us every second of the day.  Conversations, new articles, personal experiences, stray thoughts, dreams – nothing is sacred as a writer.

DO NOT depend on your memory to capture the elusive little buggers.  Write them down on whatever you have handy.  I promise you it’ll be worth it.  Stick them in a pile, folder, or (if you are one of those uber-organized people) a computer file for future use.  If you are at work make use of technology.  Get yourself a Google Mail account and use Google Docs.  That way you can update a file with ideas, add attachments and have access to it anywhere there is internet.  Microsoft has their Skydrive and there are other similar applications for capturing ideas in one spot.

It all starts with an idea – What is your idea?


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