#JulyWritingRomp – It’s all in the Story

According to Wikipedia, a story is defined as:

Story is a common term for a recounting of a sequence of events, narrative, or for a statement regarding the facts pertinent to a situation in question. It is also known as gandos in some places. It is defined as a narrative or tale of real or fictitious events.

What a dry recounting of what storytelling is. Telling stories entertains, sells products, wins wars, helps governments rise to power or topples them.  Stories are more than the sequencing of words to form a cogent recounting of an experience.  Stories help us remember how to behave, teach us moral comparisons without having to experience the actual costs, helps us fall in love.

Stories are made of carefully chosen words.  Each word carefully considered for maximum impact, to move the decided outcome along.  As writers, if we are lucky, we can move an audience to tears or to a specific action all in the prescribed space of our allotted words.  There are no do overs when the words are published, no mulligans.

That’s why the Story is more than a string of words. A story is an idea, meant to move the hearts and souls of those who read them.


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