My Two Faces

Too often I feel pulled in different directions as a writer.  My ‘normal’ self, a public face that everyone sees.  That goes to work every day, puts kibble in the dog’s bowl, money in the bank to pay my bills and just live life.

Then there is the flip side.  A side that embraces the strange, weird and wonderful.  Sometimes the terrifying and icky. Sometimes the wacky.  Sometimes the drama queen.  Sometimes the dark nemesis.

I used to flinch from that other side of me. I worried that others wouldn’t be able to understand that I had two sides to my personality.  Worse, I felt that I couldn’t expose the more ‘deviant’ in an effort to fit in.

One day that all changed.  I realized that I wasn’t all that unique in my struggles.  I could integrate these two parts of my personality, forming a whole person.  Voila! My perspective changed. My ability to create evolved.  I became better at living.

Don’t get me wrong, the road is still fraught with potholes and sometimes just ends abruptly, forcing me to find and alternative route. But, I can face the fear that use to strangle me and move past it.  Using it to enhance my life.  You might say, I embraced my dark-side, my evil twin.

I love it when my evil twin Luella comes to play.  I don’t always remember what we did, but I know we had a great time!

How do you deal with the dichotomies in your lives?


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