A brain is a terrible thing…


a. waste

b. use

c. all of the above.


This morning, at its own volition, my brain started making plans to own and operate an eco-friendly alternative fuel station.  Complete with details of the when, where and advertising.


All this happened at 1 freaking a.m.  I’m okay when I get a great story idea.  I’m even okay when I get an entrepreneurial whim.  I’m not okay with 4.5 hours of my brain planning a business that will never come to fruition.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted and slightly homicidal.

The last couple of weeks have been frustrating, I haven’t written anything worth reading.  I’d love to have my fairy godmother come and smack upside the head with her money wand OR join the circus OR enter the Witness Protection Program. Oooo, the WPP has potential.  New start, down side no friends, I’m resourceful.  Don’t worry friends, I’ll find away to bring you with me.  Bwhahahaha!


One comment

  • Oh Leila as I was reading this, okay so I’m Behind on most reading, espec. blogs, so reading fairly quickly, I thought you said The WITLESS Protection Program !! and then I thought, hey, they can protect you from things like that? ;-D ;-D
    I think I should stop reading blogs now. 😉 😉

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