Doctor Who is my Writing Mentor

Okay, to be more specific, the convoluted musings of Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat are my lodestones when it comes to pacing, scene set-up and story arcing.

The writing for Doctor Who is brilliant.  Steven Moffat said, in the Doctor Who Insider, that ‘all minds are small to the madness that is the Doctor.’  Essentially, I have to be like a Time Lord, I need to be aware of everything. Ten steps ahead of everyone else, on to the next thing ready for all eventualities.  More importantly, I need to be enjoying the ride.

There is a true joie de vivre that is infused in the writing of Doctor Who. Even when the stakes are high and hopes are low, there are moments where you find yourself giggling or shedding a tear.

That is what I want to bring to my writing.  I am Russell or Steven? No.  I am purely  myself.  I write my own path.  But I learn from great teachers.


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