Honesty Transcends the Barriers

I realized my writing got exponentially better when I stopped setting  up barriers.  These stumbling blocks could range from the simple to the absurd.

One of my greatest stumbling blocks was comparing myself to others.  The reality is there is no comparison.

Boy, does that sound arrogant. Let me clarify.

I’m only set myself for failure if I constantly compare myself to others.  I need to be focused on making myself the best writer I can possibly be.

That means honing my craft, surrounding myself with others who are equally dedicated to the craft, and be completely honest with myself. Honesty in my writing is key.  Stripping away any barriers, facade, and social expectations that might dilute my vision.

Silencing that inner critic, that says people will judge me for my writing.  So what? They didn’t take the risk, who are they to judge?

This is what it boils down to. I care about making the story the most honest I can make it.

I don’t have to make people comfortable doing it.


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