The Alchemy of Writing

Alchemy – a power or process of transforming something common into something special.

People who write take common ideas, words, themes, combine them in their own special way that forges their our own alchemical reaction. Creating gold from common things.

Unlike the alchemists of old who guarded their secrets jealously, the writer’s alchemical process is different.  The origin requires solitude as we glean from our experiences to come up with our concepts and cores.  Then we research which can be solo or a group endeavor.  Once the project is in a stage where it is ready to be debuted, having a trusted group that can help hone the story to be its best it part of the refining process.

The variable in all of this is the author.  They are the special ingredient that causes the reaction that creates the precious material in the end.

Writing done correctly is true alchemy.


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