Magic vs. Science

I once read a description of magic to be science and/or technology that wasn’t understood by the current civilization.

That sparked my imagination in ways that can’t be counted.

Humankind as always imagined the future in terms they could understand.  What if they could catch glimpses of it?  How would they even begin to describe, much less cope with the wonders or terrors they saw?

I’ve often wondered about the descriptions found in the writings of Isaiah and John in Revelations.  They write of the future and the last days, with out any context to describe what they write.  The marvels of our technology are vast and, sometimes, terrifying.

If I were to glimpse two to four thousand years in the future, what would I see?  Would I recognize the technology? The infrastructure of the cities? The landscapes?

Would I be over or underwhelmed?

Would I see Magic or Science?



  • Intriguing post, I must say.
    You have a valid point – what would we see in the future? In many novels and movies, people always portray what they think the future will be like. But what if it’s something entirely different? We have no real way of judging where we’ll be in fifty years, let alone one thousand, or two thousand.
    It’s one of those things we can only wonder about and try to imagine, but never know for sure.

  • the biggest conundrum is seeing something extraordinary and having to frame it in words and language of the current day.
    To describe something we have no concept of and no language for. Intriguing indeed. 😉

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