Ants in my Pants

Okay, I think I know why my writing seems to be a bit schizo lately.

I can put the blame squarely on the publishing industry!


I know, you’re thinking that is a general if convenient excuse if you ever heard one.  Alas, it is true.

You see, I am waiting to hear about two query letters.  It’s been several weeks and I want to know if I’ve been rejected or not.  If I’m rejected. That’s okay, I’m off to my next victims, er, potential agent.

Being in this limbo of waiting is worse than Christmas as a little kid when I knew that Santa was a couple of houses away.  I knew I could hear the sleigh bells, but Santa never came unless the kids were asleep.

I’m working on my projects, focusing on things at work, but in the back of my mind that little imp is jumping up an down shouting ‘Is it here yet? Is it? Is it?’

No wonder I have ants in my pants.


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