Sap is Rising

My head is filled with new ideas and old ideas are getting a boost.  The problem with all this is that my head feels like it is exploding – not necessarily in a good way.

The challenge is how do I capture all this chaos that is running amok in my head?

I snag snippets in email, notes on my phone, and GDocs.  I write on scraps of paper and other questionable detritus that ends up in pockets and the bottom of my purse.  I journal in an effort to capture that fleeting thought that dances frenetically through my mind.

In the end, I have piles of stuff with little organization.

I almost feel like the Witch of the West squished flat under that upstart Kansan’s farmhouse due to the weight.  Unlike that witch I’m not dead, just inconvenienced as I dig myself out from my hoard.

Maybe all the ideas are surfacing because its spring and the sap is rising.  Allowing me to have a fertile growing season and a bounteous harvest.  I can only hope.

All I know is that I need to be diligent in my writing.  Capturing my ideas, cultivating my current projects and not forgetting to dance in the rain.


One comment

  • Sounds familiar to me.
    Just keep on writing notes; there will come a time that is less for having ideas and more for harvesting and organizing them. Stuff your notes into a treasure chest until you need them. They’ll keep. And find their place in the end.
    That’s how it works for me, anyway. Good luck!

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