In the iconic ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show‘, Tim Curry’s formidible delivery of that famous line,

“…So come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab. I see you shiver with antici… pation.”

as the ever so tantalizing Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter, has been crawling through my brain.

Now before you think I’ve been time-warping and stepping to the left, let me explain.

Every time my email notification pops up I’m drowning in anticipation.  Thank goodness I’m not holding my breath. Otherwise, I’d have passed from this existence exactly one minute and forty five second (that was the last time I timed myself on holding my breath, longer than that I figure I’m guaranteed to become a haunt).  I’m anxiously awaiting responses to query letters.

No, Scientific America is not what I’m looking for. Eve’s Addiction is not amusing. And Mrs. Mugumbo, if you really have 10 million dollars for me from your late husband’s estate I’ll be happy to send you my information, only after I talk to my good friend the Attorney General.

I know, I know, a watch pot never boils.

Agents take their own time in answering queries, if they answer the letters at all.

Maybe, I should turn into a six foot plus tranvestite, from Transexual Transylvania to get their attention. Honestly, I don’t have Tim Curry’s legs.




  • Keeping a SOH is a prerequisite when you’re writing, isn’t it? Aaaaaa, tell Mrs. Mugumbo that you have a friend named Charlie Sheen who’s into strange things – contact him. On, and keep the faith sis, it does happen — eventually.

    • Thanks for the support! A SOH is what’s keeping my sanity at it’s questionable normal level. 🙂 I’m just continuing on with my other projects. So many voices, so little time to get them out of my head! heee

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