Going Courting

I’ve poured my blood, sweat and tears in to my novel.  Let trusted friends point out my baby’s flaws so that I could fix it (yes, I know I have an addiction to misplaced commas and apostrophes).  I have a story ready to be read.

Now the hard part begins.  I must fluff my feathers, preen to the nth degree, and sell, sell, sell myself to get the attention of an agent.  Truth be told, I might be to skinny or too fat or too wordy or too something on any given day that my query letter crosses their path.

Quell horreur!

This part is worse than a job interview. Or, worse yet, a blind date.   At least in an interview or a blind date, you are sitting in front of your intended target and have a sense of how things are going.  With an agent query letter, you write the best one you can then send it off and pray they send you something other than a form letter rejection.

Did I mention I’m a terrible dater?


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