Should all Stories End Happily?

I was reading one of my favorite sites, when a post caught my eye.

Why all stories should end happily.  Granted this was a rant, but one I could understand.  I like it when stories end up with a happily ever after.  I always want the problem to be resolved, the guy to get the girl, the dragon to be slain.

Here’s the problem with that.  If every story was resolved, that would mean mankind would have all the answers.

We simply don’t have all the answers. Life isn’t that simple.

Life is complicated, messy, and squishy.  More often than not, the answer we get is NOT the answer we are looking for.

So our stories should reflect that.

Our stories should reflect the vagracies of life.  Some stories will reflect joy, some will reflect sorrow, some will reflect everyday mundanity.

I believe that not all stories should have happy endings, BUT there should be hope.

Hope is what makes us think.  It plants seeds of imagination, seeds of inspiration, and seeds of expectation.

Happy is over rated. Hope is everything.



  • I have always wished Romeo and Juliet had ended happily. To me it felt unfinished.

  • FYI – happy endings give hope… so how can they be over rated? Without a happy ending, hope is not truly present. Yes, hope is everything, and if that requires a happy ending (for me it does) – then as Gwen said… the story is left unfinished.

  • But that ‘unfinished’ ending has launched millions of conversations, making people ponder love, obsession, relationships, family and life in general. Shakespeare knew his stuff.

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