I swear my muse is schizophrenic.
Just when I have a direction, I feel I’m channeling my beloved Pit Bull, Quizz — SQUIRREL!!!
Not to say I’m not working not on specifically planned projects, but I’m getting easily distracted by fast moving, possibly glittery objects.
Somedays this can be a really good thing, other days its zombie’s.
Where did that come from?
I won’t say I don’t write zombie’s – a writer should never say never.


I’ve never been a horror girl. Ew, ick, and all that. The one zombie book I’ve really liked is Feed by Mira Grant.

I need to think about this, possibly eat some brains.



  • “I need to think about this, possibly eat some brains.”

    HA! Great last line. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back!

  • Just so you know, if the Zombies come after us, I am TRIPPING YOU !!

    • As I expect nothing less from you, I’ll trip you first. 😛

  • Brains go well with eggs. Just saying.

  • Oh blech! Now I don’t know if I want to post or not!

    Actually I resemble this post a bit too much — oh, except for the zombies. Not tangled with them yet. Directly. Not my dance / cup of tea either.
    But I’ve been writing long enough to never say never.
    What I’ve found when I got off onto forays like this, it’s a way to explore a different direction than you normally would, stretches your writing muscles. And when you go back to your regular work-in-progess. Which you should, most of the time – there can be exceptions….. But when you go back to your current ‘love’ you take remnants of what you learned.
    Just sayin’ …..

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