Capturing the Muse

There are days when I find writing to be similar to a violent game of Capture the Flag.  The problem is that the teams are comprised of me, myself and I.  The field is divided.  The story is started and BANG! It begins.

Since I’m playing myself in all aspects, it gets a little rough.  I’m constantly fouling myself. There is no ‘safe’ place as I try and capture my ‘flag/muse’.  Ideas flow around me in an unruly stream.  There are hills to take, valleys to forge and strongholds to take.  My stories are never full of butterflies and lollipops.

If I’m really lucky, I come out of this really intense mind game with a cogent story on the page.  Characters in place. With a beginning, middle and an end in sight.

My muse is muddy, battered, a bit tattered and usually laughing like a loon at the end of the it all.  Ready to play again.

Only if I can catch it again.


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