The E-Reader Revolution

For those who know me, I LOVE my kindle.  If I’m not at my computer pounding away at a keyboard, I need something to read.  In the past, I have been mocked for having 10 pounds of books in my bag in order to assuage my reading ADHD.

With my Kindle I have a library at my beck an call.  As long as the battery doesn’t drain (4 weeks with the wireless turned off) I can slip the slender, light-weight device into my purse and be on my merry way.

Now many people complain that the e-reader is the death knell for the print industry. I vehemently disagree.  I feel the e-reader and print industries go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Laura Moyer wrote a great piece entitle ‘Book-worm confesses her e-reading‘.

At least for now, for me, Kindle hasn’t wholly supplanted print. For one thing, not every book I want to read is available in an electronic form, even the newest titles.

But print does, sometimes, enable my Kindle habit.

One morning I sipped my coffee and thumbed through my newspaper–a real newspaper, on paper, retrieved from my doorstep–and came across an interesting book review.

I could’ve checked out the book, a best-seller, free from the library. But I knew there’d be a waiting list.

On a whim I spent $9.99 and had the text downloaded to my Kindle while my coffee was still hot.


You can’t get all the books you want on the e-reader, and vice versa.  If anything, they enhance each other.

A person who loves words will read regardless of the format.

Whether you have a Kindle or one of the other numerous other e-readers.  The question isn’t whether or not the e-reader kill the print format.  The question is where will the next interesting story come from?


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