Writing Groups

The first writing group I ever participated in was an experience in ego, narcissism, and pettiness. After a year and a half of being told how talentless I was. I finally bowed out.

Okay, I dropped off their radar in the dead of the night in an effort to never be afflicted with the likes of one Ms. X ever again.  Ms. X goal was to be the queen bee. Any writing that might have been better than hers was immediately eviscerated.  Any feedback we gave her was immediately rejected.

You might ask what I gained out of this 18 month excursion in misery? To be frank, I learned how to take criticism and rejection – the more vicious the better.

Flash forward to the present.  I now am involved with a group of like minded writers.  Writers who all want to be published, we made a pact to be honest and constructive with each other.  There are no ‘queen bee’s’.  The experience is the complete opposite of of my previous one.

We tell different tales, we work in different ways, but we all work toward the same goal.

I’m proud to be a sarcastic broad.


One comment

  • Me, too!!!! Thank you for suggesting the group and being wonderful about it all. You and all the other broads give needed and incredibly helpful feedback. I love it!

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