The Art of Storytelling

No matter how you look at it, story telling is an art form. Whether it be in the write or aural form it has to be good.

A story that can be told in written format, then read out loud, being captivating in both mediums without any tinkering in between is the sign of a good storyteller. Orson Scott Card said his writing is best when read out loud. In his Good Reads interview, I think Orson Scott Card said it best:

But reading aloud also exposes writers who are faking it—writers who are repeating themselves or juicing up passages where absolutely nothing is happening. When reading with our eyes, we skip and skim and then forget how much we edited along the way. But listening to an audiobook, you are going to hear every word. The book will take as long as it takes. Bad, self-indulgent, or simply awkward writing is stripped naked in the process.

This is why it is so important to tell the stories we take so long to write. Only by reading the stories out loud, can we find and fix the flaws, making our selves better storytellers.

If we are better storytellers, we are better authors. Standing the test of time.


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