Why does it seem that the general consensus of youth state that ‘adults’ are boring, unimaginative and unworthy of adventure?

I take offense at that.  Granted my body might show the use of my years, but I can appreciate every decision, every moment, every consequent that went into the creation of my life.

It seems a shame that there is a certain ageism happening.  You don’t see an adult being swept off into a magical adventure. Stepping through a portal to see what is on the other side without the accompaniment of a child.  If you do, they are the aged wise ones dispensing nuggets of wisdom at the end of each quest like a vending machine.

I don’t think do.

I’m old enough to appreciate that magical door, amazing portal, the fantastical creature and the jinn with the requisite three wishes (which a sure as hell wouldn’t piddle away).  I choose to write adventures for everyone of all ages.

The only thing that should ever hold a character back is their own fear – and that is a journey in and of itself.

Got to go, I have dragons to find.


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