I Weep

There are times that I simply do not understand the publishing industry.

With all the talented authors that have yet to be published, the public is assaulted with this:

Seriously? A boozy, brunette, bimbette? With questionable taste in fashion and lifestyle choices?  SHE gets a book deal?

To quote Crewman #6 (played by the talented Sam Rockwell) from Galaxy Quest, “That’s just not right!”

I love Pop Culture.  So much of it makes a lasting impression.  Classic Warner Brothers, Elvis Presley, Pinky and the Brain, LOL Cats just to name a few.  I’m all for things that make you think. Not run for the hills screaming – THE END OF TIMES HAVE ARRIVED.

Yes, I will get published.

No, I will not end up a boozy, bimbette named Snooki.


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