Seriously Geeky Christmas Carol

It’s no secret that I’m a scifi geekette.  Thanks to generous parents who let me read Heinlein, Bova, Niven and more as a child, I grew up thinking that the world was larger than its size. Much like a certain wardrobe.

I’m thrilled that BBC America is airing the Dr. Who Christmas special this year ON Christmas day for us Yanks.  Did I mention, ON CHRISTMAS DAY?

That’s right, Steven Moffat has worked his magic to combine Dr. Who and Charles Dickens into a romp that should prove to be amazing.

Michael Gambon (yes, that is Dumbledore people!), Matt Smith, and the rest of the cast will finish off Christmas day.

If you need a spark to help your imagination to soar, if you need a break, or if you need some good cheer.  Tune in for a great romp.  Whether you write for the page, the television or the stage, seeing the successful work of someone else is always inspiring.

Happy Holidays!


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