And the Story Goes On

I was watching the in video commentary for the Series 5 Doctor Who.  Actors, producers and writers were all talking about what it took to craft the different episodes.  It was truly fascinating.  In the episode called the ‘Time of Angels’, the Executive Producer Steven Moffat made an interesting comment about how he went about writing the episode.

He essentially said that every scene needed to end on a cliffhanger.  To end the scene on a ‘oh how nice’ moment would not do anything to enhance the story.  In fact, it would most likely detract from the energy of the story.

I believe that any story that is told needs to have movement.  The genre shouldn’t matter, if someone has invested any sort of time into the tale, they should be transported by the flow.

In the stories I tell, I like movement.  I want people to ‘turn the page’.  I want them to crave the next moment of the story.  That means that I can’t have scenes that snooze.

What moves your stories?


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