Everyone’s a Critic

A writer, by their very nature, has an opinion.

The difference between a writer and the average person is that a writer assumes the risks and puts their opinions out for public consumption.  We want a dialog, we want to stir the pot.  If needs be right a wrong.

Our forum is diverse.  We tell cautionary tales, we write novels, we post blogs, we write opinion pieces.  We tweet, we rant, we write scathing letters to corporations.  We laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we mourn.

Writers live by the word.

The writer’s hide must be thick as a rhino’s to stave off the fiery darts of criticism, yet tender enough to accept divergent opinions.

As a writer, I know that not everything has been popular with people I know.  While their points of view are just as valid as mine, there is nothing in this world that says, I must be in complete agreement with them.  How boring would life be if that were the case.  I’m willing to agree to disagree.  I’m not willing to back down to make some one happy.

It’s easy for people to arm-chair quarterback someone who has the courage to voice their opinion, after all they have nothing to lose.

I write. I live.



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