The Countdown has Begun!

While the world looks at November 1st the start of the holiday season.  A time of Thanksgiving and world peace.  Family togetherness, good will and all that stuff.

I look at it with fire in my belly.  I have 50,000 words to produce.  That’s right.  I have 50,000 words to pull out of my head in a reasonable story form in the start of my next novel.

People, you’d better beware.

One manuscript down, one getting ready to start.  The only good will to be had comes in the form of Godiva, Diet Dr. Pepper and solitude.  I will emerge from my self-imposed exile to eat, go to work, walk the dog and may be to get additional inspiration.

I am AUTHOR!  I’d say hear me roar, but we write so that would be hear my computer keyboard go clickety-click.  Not quite the same thing.

15 days until the madness commences, I’m a woman with a plan.



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