Fear is not an Option

Apparently I’m stressed out.  I know why.  I have my 5 minute pitch with an agent at the James River Writers Conference on Friday. I’ve done this before, but with just a half finished project.  Nothing concrete.

Now, well, now everything is real.  I have a manuscript. Finished.  A story that I believe in and really like.  Yes, I’ve read it a hundred times.  Despite the numerous readings, I still like it and how I’ve set it up to continue the adventure.

I feel like I’m dancing on spikes, mentally and physically.  Finding an agent is like finding your steady.  And my really good friends will tell you how successful I’ve been with that! 😛

I won’t lie, I’m scared out of my mind. What if this works? I can deal with failure much better than with success.  Even if this doesn’t work, I have a list of agents to inflict my manuscript on.

I just have to let go of all this fizzing, tortuous, stuff filling my brain and have faith in the work that I do.

My story telling is good. I ready to share it with the world.  One way or another, I’ll get it out there for the world to see.


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