A Challenge

The challenge was laid forth to thank those who gave me the reading bug.  Well, I’ll take that challenge.

Thank you to the following bibliophiles:

  1. Mom and Dad for the mysterious basement of books that never let me down.  It was a fabulous world of fiction and non-fiction strewn across shelves.  Science Fiction met Jane Eyre met Tutankhamen met NASA.  Is it any wonder my brain works the way it does?
  2. Mrs. Ponce – the librarian at Lisbon Elementary School.  She showed me the story of Aida, helping me to fall in love with tragic opera.  She carefully monitored my terrifyingly voracious reading habits to make sure they were literarily nutritious.  Sorry Mrs. P, I still love to run away on a mind vacation.  But tragic Roman soldiers will always be number one in my heart.
  3. The Various Book Mobile Drives for Howard County – I owe you an apology for being a cranky tween and teen when you didn’t have enough new books for me to read, after all I did check out the 30 book limit each time you came.  I realize there were other people on your route before our house.  And every two weeks might have seemed excessive to your boss to restock your inventory on your book mobile.  But during the summer, you were key to my sanity and survival.  And to my good English grades the following year.
  4. Thank you Visa & Mastercard – For keeping me sane when I really didn’t have the money to get a book after the libraries banned me for having too many overdue fines and we reached our agreement that I would buy my books first and forgo all fines and still have the book in hand.  Thank you.
  5. To Jeane, Beth, Doro, Becky, Alicia, Scott, Nathaniel, David, Amy, Edwin, Trang, Candace, Kristi and everyone else – You’ve all recommended books that have made me laugh, cry, shudder and think.

To be able to explore our world through the words of another is a gift.  To share the words of another is a blessing.


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