Be Calm & Carry On

The last little while has been a bit on the anticlimactic side. I’m crafting and sending out agent queries.  Each agent wants a different thing.  Trying to sum up my novel AND inject personality in a sales pitch AND beg for representation AND pin my hopes and dreams on a correspondence that is completely subjective in the eyes of the recipient is really frustrating.

But that hasn’t stopped me from continuing on with the next part of my project.  Or getting on with my life.  To abuse the John Lennon quote ‘Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.’  That’s my plan.  Live my life.  Let the moment come.

I’ve submitted my first page for a critique to a writer’s conference I’m attending in October.  If they chose to have someone read it, it will be terrifying and exciting at the same time.  I also have a 5 minute elevator pitch with an agent.

I’m just going to be calm and carry on.  Having faith in my project and know that the right opportunity will eventually present itself.

After all, I have a ton of stories to tell. I’m at the beginning of my journey.  No need to start it in a panic.


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