The Hunt is On!

Shhhhh! Be vewry, vewry quiet! I'm hunting for an Agent.

While I have a vivid imagination, a sparkling personality and a rapier wit, selling myself on a brief introductory letter is proving to be a challenge.

My intent and dreams must come across in this brief moment of writing.  And the opportunity is highly subjective.  The agent I’m approaching could be having a bad day, not interested in my project, just not open to what I have to say on that particular day, the possibilities are endless.  This process is a game of perseverance. Can I out last the agents?  Can I be persistent enough?  Can I not take the rejections personally?

Not taking the rejections personally.  That is a challenge.  While it truly is nothing personal on the part of the agent, I’m putting myself out their – heart and soul.  My child of my imagination that I have spent so much time and energy to birth is waiting to be introduced to the world.

So, I move forward, remembering that I have to be vewry, vewry quiet as I go about my hunt.  After all, it’s nothing personal as I hunt my quarry. It’s only business.


One comment

  • May Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt) be with you!! Happy hunting 😀

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