I find it interesting when I tell people about my writing adventures I tend to get two consistent responses.

  1. ‘Wow! That is so cool!’
  2. ‘Well, anyone can do that.’

I think the answers are indicative of where people are in their lives. Answer 1 shows me that they are open and receptive to everyone’s good fortune.  To be honest. Those are the people I like to be around.  Even if I crash and burn, they are respectful of the courage and strength it took to put myself out there.  Just like I hope to reciprocate to them.  I want to be supportive and excited for their good news.  I’m willing to hold their hands during their tough times so they can get to their good times.

Answer  2, well, I find it a tad aggravating when I get that.  Really?  If you could have done it, you would have.  There are plenty of things that I can not do.  I own that knowledge.  It doesn’t necessarily stop me from trying. But to diminish the accomplishment is mean.

Here is where I get to the beliefs part:

I believe that if I am open to the successes of others, I will find my path and my own successes.

I believe that diminishing other’s accomplishments is a form of fear and hatred.  Nothing good can ever come of it.

I believe that the journey is just as important as the end.  What I learn along the way makes the end result richer.

I believe that I don’t need exotic locales, tons of money or the latest gadget to make my happiness.  I just need to understand who I am, the rest is just window dressings. Nice to explore and have, but ultimately not important.

I believe that family and friends are essential to any persons well-being, especially my own.  Family might drive me insane, but I won’t be going alone around that bend.

So, what are your beliefs?



  • I agree! There is “enough” of all good things for everyone. Why not be happy for each other and maybe…dare i say it….supportive?! I got the concept that you being successful wasn’t going to diminish my chances years ago. Thank goodness.

    I also agree that the journey is where we really are always. Once you have accomplished something, you move on. Therefore, the journey is never really over. It changes, it forks, it twists and turns, but it is always there. Somewhat like following a rainbow. Once you realize that the rainbow moves as you do, you can stop and enjoy it, or slowly move towards it.

    • Exactly!! Happiness is not a commodity that runs out. We only forget to tap into it.

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