Hard copy vs. E-books

Even as I publish, I will publish in both.  I own both an Amazon Kindle and hundreds of hard copy books.  No matter what my co-workers (I work in the IT department of a Fortune 500 company) say, people will still by both.

I can’t lend my mother a copy of something on my Kindle, but I can lend her my hard copy of my book.  Ergo, I will always have both in my life.



  • I have the kindle too and I love it enough to have ordered the newest one and passed down the old one to my daughter. When I feel the need for a paper copy I get it from the library or camp out at B&N for a couple of hours reading. I don’t miss the space the books take up in the house but it is sad not to be able to share them like before. Makes it harder to keep everyone up to speed on what I’ve been reading.

    • We can be sneaky and register our nearest and closest besties Kindle’s on our accounts and ‘share’ that way. I’m evil!

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