The last several weeks have been a paradox in time travel. The tighter the deadline the faster time had flowed. I’ve felt overwhelmed, yet at the same time I’m feeling empowered.  The novel is finished.  I’ve finished my first pass copy-editing.

Is it wrong to say that I really like my novel, despite my stupid writing mistakes?  I like where i’ve brought the story and the characters.  While the editing process has taken a little longer than I anticipated, I feel that I am getting rid of the superfluous stuff and creating a tighter story.  It’s kinda cathartic to kill whole scenes that do nothing for the story.

I would be at the stage I am without the support and encouragement of friends who have cheered me on and given the deserved kick in the butt as needed.

While the story is in my head, no writer works in a vacuum. I’m really grateful for my cheering section.  This risk that I’m taking, wouldn’t happen without my friends.

So this is my thank you to you!


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