Method to the Madness

I don’t care what you say, every writer that I know has an organizational method to the madness of their muse.

It may be Post-it hell or whiteboard nirvana, everyone has a way to capture and catalog their ideas when they strike.

I’m a piler, but when it comes to my ideas, my piles are organized.  I know what each pile represents and how far I need to go to get to the thought I want.  (Yes, I realize that this method horrifies many. But it works for me.)  I also have a VERY organized story idea directory on my computer that is backed up in multiple locations so I don’t miss a thing.

Twyla Tharp (yes, that Twyla), puts everything she’s done in a box.  A box for every project.  I’d love to see her storage space!

So, me?  While it might seem I’d have a pile for every project, the reality is when I’m finished. I gather everything up and put it in a folder.  So I have my own box system.

Right now, my system is part electronic and white board. I have ideas stuffed in my email and scribbled across my white boards at home.  All of which keep me on track. It helps me with version control.

Creativity is a serious business.  You have to hunt that damn flighty Muse down, contain it and then beat the ideas out of it.  That takes work and preparation.

Whatever your creative passion, it’s not for wimps.


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  • Now this entry makes me feel GOOD about MYSELF….I’m a piler, too 🙂

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