Inspiration Weird

I’ve learned to keep my eyes, ears, mind and heart open to everything for inspiration. The strangest things have evoked the most strangest thoughts that have germinated into story ideas.

Conversations out of context open windows to the imagination – I admit, I’m a shameless eavesdropper. (Don’t worry I never reveal my sources)

News bytes – We’ve become a society of the news byte and sound byte. Enough information to titillate, and more than enough to complete run amok with.

Poorly written – letters to the editor, news article comments, and blogs – Yes, as a blogger, I can take inspiration from my own kind. Nutz, wackadoodles and self-proclaimed experts a plenty roam the blogosphere just waiting to be immortalized as a character. (Make sure to change all identifying characteristics or they will find you)

Conspiracy websites – How cool are these places? You thought you were crazy? It’s nice to know that the crazy train is safely parked at their houses and you are just visiting.

Your family – Oh come on. How could I not say that family is an inspiration for writing? We are who we are because of those who raised us. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. But if you scratch the surface, there are always stories to tell. Just remember to change the names of the guilty, it makes it easier for the next family reunion.

Pictures, paintings, visual images that make an impact – Never discount imagery.  Whole worlds can be created out of a mote of dust.

So my question to you – Where do you get your inspiration?  What sparks you?

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  • Love the post. I find inspiration in these places, too. Names inspire me. The man’s name Vollis sparked a character who became the root of the first novel I wrote as an adult. Names from tombstones excite my imagination, especially how the person is eulogized. I’m still thinking of a story for Primrose Jean, a name I found on a 19th century tombstone. Obituaries are almost as good. (I promise I don’t have a macabre creativity. People’s lives just inspire me.)

    Crazy train…toot, toot!

    • Oh yes! Fabulous place for names and ideas! I’ve always wanted to find a way to use the name Dorcas (an actual relative). So far, no character has stepped forward yet. But there is hope. 🙂

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