Writing=Dream=Dream Job

I have a crush. A HUGE crush. Who do you ask is the object of my crush? Russell T. Davies.

I know that this makes me a major nerd. A geek, if you will. But hear me out. This man is a brilliant creative dynamo. He lives to create and creates to live. And when I grow-up, I want to be just like him.

I’m currently reading   the book he collaborated with Benjamin Cook with called “Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale – The Final Chapter“. In the forward Russell T Davies says,

Writers never talk about this [where the ideas come from]… The ideas. Those mad, stupid, vague, shape-shifting, hot, nagging, drive-you-barmy ideas. … Writing is such an industry now. In many ways , that’s a good thing, in that it removes all the muse-like mystique and makes it a plain old job, accessible to everyone. But with the industry comes jargon….And I’d think, that’s not what writing is! Writing’s inside your head! It’s thinking! It’s every hour of the day, every day of your life, a constant storm of pictures and voices sometimes, if you’re very, very lucky, insight.”

He goes on to say that it can be ‘wretched and angst-ridden at times… But for me [him] that’s what writing is, couple with the enormous joy of actually getting something made.’

I got to thinking about that and the process that I’m currently going through.  I have to tell you that I might get frustrated with the project I’m working on.  But when everything is in alignment and humming along.  There is no greater feeling than those moments.  They truly make up for the stuff in between.

So, I”m going to keep slogging forward. Knowing that I’m going to be finished one day soon and ready to start my next adventure.

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One comment

  • Add me to the nerdy list because I love what he said and totally agree with it. It might take a week or two to get it out of my head and onto my blog but during that time it is being massaged, it’s living and breathing and taking shape. Too often I squelch them thinking no one would/could understand the ramblings that wait to spew forth like the geysers at Yellowstone National Park. Thoughts, ideas and musings that ruminate over and over until I release them. They beckon me at night, while I’m driving, during the day as I sit at my desk trying to finish my latest task and if I’m not careful I loose it. Poof, it vanishes never to come back. So now I jot them down and come back to them so that they are not lost just set aside until I can bring them to completion.

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