Words of Wise Friends

Please don’t nag yourselves with thoughts of failure.  Simply do what you can do, in the best way you know, and the Lord will accept your efforts. – Gordon B. Hinckley

I struggle often with seeing myself as a successful person.  I don’t mean with the outward trapping of success but the whole enchilada.  For some reason, I hold myself to an impossible standard that ultimately sets me spinning into a funk of failure.

I find myself ‘nagged by the thoughts of failure’.  Forgetting that I’m offending the very power that created me by holding myself to a standard that even ‘He‘ doesn’t hold me to.  How messed up is that.

I’m asked to give the best of myself to help those around me.  This in and of itself seems to be a daunting task.  Sometimes I feel like I’m the one who really needs all the help.  But, as all eternal lessons teach,  the cup I fear is empty is filled by the simple act of giving of myself.

So, as my wise, wise friend did and said, in the tradition of all true friends, she proverbially kicked my behind using eternal truths.  Actually, I think, okay KNOW, she was merely the mortal messenger for a far more benevolent power, sent with a message to remind me that success is not measured in baubles or status.  Success is measured by the lessons learned and applied in life.

I am a success.  I don’t need to justify my success to anyone.  I just need to be able to look at my life and acknowledge my successes.

This is easy to say, a little harder to enact in my life.  I have a life time of impossible standards to topple and a city to rebuild in the ruins.

But like the Jenga tower.  Everything can come crashing down around my ears, and I’ll only rebuild stronger and better. (Maybe with a different floor plan).

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