Splat! Slither!

I admit to being slightly overambitious.  Okay, I’m a overachiever with a long history of failure.

HA! Take that!

I used to call it my Splat, Slither Syndrome.

What is this, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

  1. This is the need to leap buildings in a single bound (i.e. set impossible goals).
  2. During the attempt to bound over the obstacle, you slam into the side of the building — SPLAT!
  3. While senseless from the impact, you SLITHER down the facade of the building into a graceless heap at the bottom of the structure.

Doesn’t it sound painful?

Then why do I do it over and over again?

Because I’m an OPTIMIST! Damn it! Or really nuts. I’m going for the Optimist label.

I’ll get over that stupid building, even if I have to building building in front of it. Maybe I’ll go around it, sometimes I’ll go under it.  But I’ll get to the side I want.  With the results I want.

As the adage goes, Go Big or Go Home!


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