Short Stories

Short Stories

eom cover‘(eom)’ is now available on Amazon (originally published in the April 2012 edition of eFiction Magazine). Given the proper elements, viruses will evolve in any environment – sterile or verdant. As computer viruses run amok, filling the between spaces in the World Wide Web cobbling together bits and pieces of the human psyche, evolution is inevitable. (eom) is a tale of superstition, evolution, and friendship.

ShimmerShimmer is now available on Amazon. A fierce storm traps Chuck Grant and some of his loyal customers in the Po’ Boy diner in downtown Richmond, VA. The violent weather leaves Chuck feeling nauseated while everyone else is the picture of vibrant health. Baffled, he tries to cope with the situation.

‘The experience was akin to looking inside someone’s mind. A quick snapshot in someone’s life, if you will. How many times do you find yourself wondering what goes on in someone’s head or looked back on an experience post-experience and analyzed your actions and feelings at that moment? It is almost always a Twilight Zone-ish experience and leaves you with an “ah hah…so that is what happened.” conclusion.’ Trang – Amazon Review

ladybugLadybug Kingdom‘ is available on  Amazon (originally published in the December 2011 issue of eFiction Magazine December). ‘Ladybug Kingdom’ explores how the passing of a loved one strains the bonds of family.

‘This story is a snap shot of family grief. Of the things done and left undone when someone passes.’ – J. Marsh

Day SevenDay Seven‘  is available on Amazon (originally published in the October 2011 issue of eFiction Magazine).  What would you do if the world fell into chaos around you, leaving you with strangers as you tried to survive? DAY SEVEN is about a group of ragtag individuals, diverse as snowflakes, attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse. Who survives and who dies is dependent on wit, skill and avoidance of the infected.

‘Ms. Gaskin’s foray into zombie fiction is a successful one. Her writing voice reminds me of a young Stephen King, and Laurell K Hamilton–precisely eerie in its descriptions of Day Seven’s universe (think King’s early short stories) while providing a sharp, quick witted tongue to its anti-heroine Hannah.’ – Amazon Review