Time Keeps On Slippin’ into the Future #atozchallenge

Time is an ephemeral concept. It runs our lives, yet you can’t gather it up and preserve it to be used at a later time. According to some, it can be a road traveled. To others is is a sentence to be served.

I would put forth that we are all time travelers in the most linear of perceptions.

Why do I bring up time? Because I never seem to have enough of it in the present.

Time in the past is used up, a husk that holds memories and lessons.

Time in the present is what we use to conduct our day-to-day business and chip away at our dreams. We stand at the very edge of the present and contemplate the unformed time beyond our understanding trying to peer into our future our future.

The future is unwritten and dependent on our present and past. It is that unknown quantity that provides hope. Yet without the past or the present there is no future.

Don’t wish away your present, it’s the only way to get to your future.



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