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    James River Writers Conference is this weekend!!!!

    (sorry got carried away by the exclamation points) The weekend of October 17-19 is the James River Writers conference. What is this you ask?  The James River Writing conference is

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    Richmond Hearts Writers

    This year at the James River Writers Conference we are trying something new. We are sharing our conference experience with the #RVA. Why? Because James River Writers loves Richmond and Richmond

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    shoot for the stars accept no substitute failure is not an option how high the expectations when clay sucks us down follow your dream visualize for success step one step

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    the silence of my dreams gives rest  no Gordian knot to stifle or suffocate leaving my limbs numb my lips swollen my heart straining my boundaries breached battered bought with

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    Odds and Ends

    I’ve been fairly quiet this summer. My blogging has dropped to one or two posts a week. The good news is that I’ve been productive. The bad news is that

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    Feeding your inner writer

    Writing is a mental muscle that needs to be exercised regularly (shhh! don’t tell the rest of my body, we’re anti-exercise). What are you doing to feed your inner writer?

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    Drama, Drama, Drama

    Firstly, take some time to listen to this YouTube (particularly 16:37 to 17:13). I find this conversation really interesting. Les Mooves is being cagey and candid at the same time. As

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    Yankovic for the WIN!

    I hope you have enjoyed your lesson.

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    Shower Conundrum

    Rumor had it that Archimedes was taking a bath when the muse of physics clouted him over the head and he discovered the now named Archimedes’ principle and the father

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    Psychological Underwear

    This post is purely my opinion. If I manage some fact – WooHOO!  All opinions expressed are mine (maybe yours because of that mind meld from last week) and will

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Cultivating Ideas

If I could, I would trademark ‘Imagination at Work’ for myself. GE has already done that, so I will use my envy and let my imagination soar.

Why am I sharing GE’s ‘Ideas are Scary’ advertisement? Because it is truth.

Ideas are scary. And exciting. And horrifying. And terrifying. And the lubricant that keeps the universe working.

Mankind has been imaginating (my word) from the dawn of time. They have developed ideas  – big and small, successful and epic fails –  all to move forward. Civilizations have risen and fallen, men and women have traveled through space, Earth has been mapped and explored, all due to the power of an idea.

Writers take these elements of inspiration and use them to form the core of our stories.

As writers, we can’t act on an idea unless we record them. Yes, our files are filled with scraps of paper, torn napkins filled with scribbles where the ink has run, old receipts with stories and novels sketched out on them, and our hard drives are scarier. One persons treasure can be misconstrued as someone else’s trash. It’s all about perception. These piles and files are troves of treasures waiting to be refined.

Sometimes an idea needs to sit and marinate in the compost pile that I call my fertile imagination. I regularly turn the pile, looking at older ideas to see if their time has come. Then I pull the idea that is swollen and filled with the material I need to write the story that is meant to be.

The idea might be messy, scary, clear, or malodorous but it is ready to come into being.

Take the time to record those ideas that flash across you mind when you are in the shower, driving (pull over when safe or chant until you can put the idea down), in the middle of an important conversation with your boss, or wakes you up in the middle of the night. You can do nothing with an idea you can’t remember.

Don’t be fearful of the ideas. Instead, care for them and let them come into fruition.

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