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    shoot for the stars accept no substitute failure is not an option how high the expectations when clay sucks us down follow your dream visualize for success step one step

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    the silence of my dreams gives rest  no Gordian knot to stifle or suffocate leaving my limbs numb my lips swollen my heart straining my boundaries breached battered bought with

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    Odds and Ends

    I’ve been fairly quiet this summer. My blogging has dropped to one or two posts a week. The good news is that I’ve been productive. The bad news is that

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    Feeding your inner writer

    Writing is a mental muscle that needs to be exercised regularly (shhh! don’t tell the rest of my body, we’re anti-exercise). What are you doing to feed your inner writer?

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    Drama, Drama, Drama

    Firstly, take some time to listen to this YouTube (particularly 16:37 to 17:13). I find this conversation really interesting. Les Mooves is being cagey and candid at the same time. As

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    Yankovic for the WIN!

    I hope you have enjoyed your lesson.

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    Shower Conundrum

    Rumor had it that Archimedes was taking a bath when the muse of physics clouted him over the head and he discovered the now named Archimedes’ principle and the father

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    Psychological Underwear

    This post is purely my opinion. If I manage some fact – WooHOO!  All opinions expressed are mine (maybe yours because of that mind meld from last week) and will

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    Feed and Caring of Writers – Pt. 4 – Writer Conferences

    Do you sit alone at your writing desk, churning out thousands of words, only to realize that you’ve gone to the bathroom exactly once in eight hours? Is your computer

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    A Dog-Shaped Heart

    My heart shattered, the shards and bits littering the floor. Then, I remembered that Quizz was a GOOD dog – loved and cherished. And he loved me, my every mood and

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The Coolest Event in the #RVA on October 17-19, 2014


Since 2005, I’ve belonged to James River Writers (JRW) and am fortunate to be a board member.

I had just moved to Richmond, VA and heard about their annual conference being advertised on the local community partners station. The conference was local, it was affordable, and it was the best experience of my life. I was hooked and surrounded by my writerly peeps – Nirvana!

This year, the conference will be held October 18-19, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Richmond, VA.

Last year, Brad Parks opened the conference with the writer invocation:

JRW has partnered with the Library of Virginia for the literary luncheon.  Barbara Kingsolver will be the recipient of the lifetime achievement award.

Why to I return to this conference year after year? Simple, JRW has some of the best conference programming around. Check out our schedule of events for this year’s conference.

Our goal is to educate our members and conference attendees about the craft of writing, the paths to publication, and facilitate connections that go beyond the organization. We have a stellar list of award-winning authors (all genres, local and national), literary agents, and publishers.

Hugh Howey, Sarah MacLean, Kwame Alexander, Brian Jay Jones, Bruce Holsinger, Lamar Giles, Jane Friedman, The Book Doctors are just a few of the guests that will be attending the James River Writers conference. Did you see this list? It’s amazing.

I’ve done a lot of name dropping. Here are the top three reasons you need to attend this conference:

  1. The James River Writers Conference gives you connection with other writers.
  2. The JRW programming is developed to be current with what is happening in the publishing universe.
  3. You will come out inspired and rejuvenated.

If those aren’t reasons enough, on October 17th, we have 6 master classes that you can choose to attend. This year, we are offering these classes separate from the conference (we’d like you to attend the entire weekend, but…). If you can’t go to the conference, you can register for a master class or two or three. Here’s a quick look at the classes:

  1. To Self (Publish) or NOT to Self? How to Decide! with Jody Rein
  2. Point of View: Who’s Telling and Who’s Listening? with Kelly O’Connor McNees
  3. Author Platform: What You Need to Know with Hugh Howey
  4. How to Get Your Book Published with Jane Friedman
  5.  Speed Up, Slow Down, Cast Forward, Flash Back: A Multi-genre Exploration of Pacing with Sheri Reynolds
  6. How to Write a Query That Gets Manuscript Requests with Jane Friedman

To get a taste of the conference join us on September 15th at 7pm for a Twitter Chat with The Book Doctors or September 23rd at 7pm for a Twitter Chat with Hugh Howey.

I feel creatively replenished at the end of these weekends.


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