Sky dreaming #atozchallenge

I remember the first time I ever saw this print. It was hanging in a gallery in Salt Lake City and I was overcome with a need to possess it.


Castles in the Sky by Greg Olsen

The little boy in sitting in the castle window with his building blocks set my imagination on fire.

We had a creaky, rusty swing set with monkey bars that held the contraption together. In my mind’s eye, that was my castle, my pirate ship, my space ship, or my fort – each incarnation taking me to places well beyond my current location. Alien adventurers become my friends. My pirate crew were the most resourceful on the seven seas. My castle, the most desirable real estate in all the kingdoms of the land.

I swam with sea creatures, danced among the stars, made friends with the local dragon population and we flew. Only the call of my parents to take care of my chores or come in for a meal would bring me back to earth.

The sky is never my limit, it is my jump off point where I can explore the universe.

Even at my most buttoned up time, where I felt I had to be a mature adult (those who know me can laugh), I still saw castles in the sky and aliens willing to take me along for an adventure of a life time.

It’s never to late to give yourself permission to imagine worlds without end. Only your fear will stop you.

Take to the sky and live.


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