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    And the words go on and on

    I do not have a quiet brain. It churns constantly as it processes the sensory input. I tend to notice everything and am easily distracted by things that catch my

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    A perfect moment

    How often have you said, ‘It has to be perfect?’ and missed an opportunity to learn and grow waiting for that speck of perfection? I have and I’ve missed out

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    What inspires you?

    Sorry it’s been a while. Life has been working me hard and wringing me out like an old, smelly, dishrag. The good news is I’m writing. The bad news is

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  • Miss you Dad.
CEG 1939-2001

    A Journey

    memories bob along the unruly currents raw edges smoothed by the never-ending flow hydrodynamics alter density and weight trickles of shifting flows erode landscapes layers revealed and illuminated transforming long-buried

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    Slaying the Inner Critic

    Here’s a question for you all. How do you deal with moments of crippling doubt about your writing? I am blessed to be surrounded with people who are amazing writers.

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    Diversity in Books #weneeddiversebooks

    I grew up reading – a lot. My parents settled on a 5-acre stretch in Maryland with intent of creating a legacy. I grew up with a vast garden, chickens

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    Looking to the New Year

    If I were to count my success in 2014 by the goals I set up last New Year’s, this year could qualify as a failure. No, I didn’t make my

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    Life happens

    Life is filled with highs and lows. Heartbreak, grief, joy, and realization colors everything I experience. Some days it feels as though I’m far from my definition of normal. Each

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    I’m not dead yet!

    Nor do I plan on being dead in the foreseeable future. Sorry I’ve been absent lately. I’m just overwhelmed and sleep deprived. I’m currently neck-deep in Slash & Burn. The good news is

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    Time-y Wimey

    I know that time is perceived as a linear thing, but it’s not. It’s messy and filled with snarls. To make matters worse, it seems to compress and speed up

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I Raise My Pen – #JeSuisCharlie

It is Ink that should flow not blood.

I write to share my thoughts and imagination with the world. Some times my writing is silly, other times it is serious. I poke and prod the world around me in order to understand it. I blunder and make gaffes. My world flashes bright with moments of enlightenment.

My words are holy and profane. I deploy sarcasm, satire, and irony at a moments notice.

It is the right of every person on planet Earth to have an opinion and voice it.

Diverse opinions are an opportunity to discuss and learn.

At 8am (CET) in Paris, France, three masked men, armed with automatic weapons and a rocket-propelled grenade, stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo. One editor, nine employees, and two gendarmes were killed. Eleven more were wounded in this attack.

Yes, the Charlie Hebdo magazine was known for its satire – nothing was/is off-limits. They offended equally. Social, political, and economic issues were brought to light through the use of biting humor. Not one of those individuals deserved to die.

I join others in protest by raising my pen.


I will not be silenced by cowards who feel violence is the only way to resolve problems. I will not live in fear that expressing my opinion will result in bodily harm or death.

I will scribble, print, write, and express my beliefs and opinions across the cyber-sphere, magazine pages, blog posts, and social media.

I write to change the world – Je Suis Charlie.

It is the ink that should flow, not blood.

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