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    Drama, Drama, Drama

    Firstly, take some time to listen to this YouTube (particularly 16:37 to 17:13). I find this conversation really interesting. Les Mooves is being cagey and candid at the same time. As

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    Yankovic for the WIN!

    I hope you have enjoyed your lesson.

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  • Eureka

    Shower Conundrum

    Rumor had it that Archimedes was taking a bath when the muse of physics clouted him over the head and he discovered the now named Archimedes’ principle and the father

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  • Vulnerability

    Psychological Underwear

    This post is purely my opinion. If I manage some fact – WooHOO!  All opinions expressed are mine (maybe yours because of that mind meld from last week) and will

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    Feed and Caring of Writers – Pt. 4 – Writer Conferences

    Do you sit alone at your writing desk, churning out thousands of words, only to realize that you’ve gone to the bathroom exactly once in eight hours? Is your computer

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    A Dog-Shaped Heart

    My heart shattered, the shards and bits littering the floor. Then, I remembered that Quizz was a GOOD dog – loved and cherished. And he loved me, my every mood and

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    Feed and Caring of Writers – Part 3 – Writing Organizations

    I started this series with how we writers need to take care of writerly-selves. Then I followed up with how being part of a critique group (or two) will only

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    Feed and Caring of Writers – Part 2 – Critique Groups

    Part 1 – Taking care of your writerly self. Now it’s time for part 2 – Sharing our musings and writing with others. From the moment our parents put us

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    Feed and Caring of Writers – Part 1

    Do you set impossible goals? Does panic set in when you realize your first draft stinks? How do you answer when someone asks how goes your writing? Do you find yourself

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    The Art of a Chain Letter

    I hate chain letters. I don’t care if you think poorly of me, but a chain letter is a boat-load of attempted guilt from people who have nothing original to

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Leila Verses Lupus


We all have moments where we face our monsters while trying to fulfill our dreams. Lupus is my monster. My journey is day by day, step by step.

Thank Kim for letting me share my story.

Originally posted on Us Verses Lupus:

It is an honor to introduce Leila Gaskin of Richmond, VA and who is also one of our fellow bloggers on Word Press. On her blog she shares excellent writing tips in addition to other useful information. Please check out her blog.

Leila gaskinLeila Gaskin

Today Leila is sharing her battle with lupus.

My name is Leila Gaskin, at the age of 44 I was diagnosed with Lupus LSE on September 2, 2010 – it’s funny how we remember dates that change your life. I finally had a name to the thing that had plagued me most of my adult life – Lupus.

By the time the diagnosis had come along, I was pretty sure I was losing my sanity and had become a severe hypochondriac. I had sucked it up and lived until I collapsed. This would be a pattern that I would follow until one day, I said ‘screw…

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